Friday, May 18, 2012

Thesis it.

Yesterday, I went to school to research for my 50-page Juris Doctor (JD) thesis, which is due on June 18. I'm lucky to have found a topic that really interests me but even though that's the case, to date, I still have to accomplish 25 more pages.

My topic is on the principle of non-discrimination with regard to the citizenship of an adopted child of a Filipino and the citizenship of a minor child of a naturalized or repatriated Filipino citizen. When a foreign child is adopted by a Filipino citizen, the child doesn't follow the Filipino citizenship of his or her adopter. However, a minor legitimate, illegitimate, or adopted child of a naturalized or repatriated Filipino citizen follows the citizenship of such Filipino citizen upon filing a petition and paying filing fees. I just find it discriminating and I believe that the adopted child should also be given the same opportunity.

Anyway, my outfit yesterday was composed of an animal-printed sleeveless blouse, black jeans and clogs. Here are some outfit photos:

Blouse - gift from my Mom; Jeans - gift from Tita Gina; Clogs - So! Fab; Bag- Prada; Necklace - Boracay

Powerplant Mall's always a good place to take outfit photos 'cause of the lighting. Haha.

Photos by: Mommy

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