Thursday, May 3, 2012

Black to Basics

I went to my school today to settle my class's account with the photocopying company. My mom accompanied me and we had dinner in Healthy Shabu Shabu, Powerplant Mall after. I decided to wear mostly black today 'cause I wanted to wear the Katy Skeleton Heels that we have in our Sophisticat Shoes. I wore this pair of black pants, my black Prada bag, black bangles and charms, and a loose gray blouse.

Blouse - a store in Shoppesville;
Pants - Forever 21;
Shoes - Sophisticat Shoes
Bag - Prada;
Bangles - Gifts from my Mommy 

I love this bag a lot because it's simple and wearable anywhere!

The bangles set an '80's feel.

I'm so proud of this design! :)

Love this shot!

Order now!


And a shot inside the mall. Haha.

Photos by my super supportive mom.

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