Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Tonight, I went out with Nikko 'cause his relatives from the States invited us to dinner. We had dinner at Something's Fishy, Eastwood. It was my first time to meet Nikko's uncle and aunt from the States but I was already able to meet their 7-year old son, Jordan Oip before. Three years ago, when I visited my own relatives in California, I met Jordan. My uncle there runs a day care center and I didn't know that one of the kids there was Nikko's cousin! It was only when I saw a list of the kids who were in the day care, that was posted on the fridge that I found out that Jordan is Nikko's cousin. Talk about fate.

So this is what I wore:

Mullet Dress - Shoppesville; Shoes - made by Nikko; Bag - BCBG
I like this photo a lot but it's blurry.

It's my good friend, Ice!!! I saw her on our way to Something's Fishy!

with Nikko

Seafood Paella! Yum! <3

With some of Nikko's relatives

Photos by Nikko Santos and Heart (Nikko's cousin) 
Too bad I wasn't able to take photos of me and Jordan 'cause he fell asleep even before dinner.

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