Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Day

Today, I went to school for the first day of my last schoolyear. I'm already a senior! Yay! :)

I went to school in a mullet skirt, a lacy top, my Coach bag (gift from Nikko) and my pink Carrie pumps! Nikko picked me up and we had dinner at the Healthy Shabu Shabu (our favorite Powerplant restaurant!)

Here are some photos:

Lacy top - Greenhills; Mullet skirt - Shoppesville; Bag - Coach (gift from Nikko); Pumps - Sophisticat Shoes

I wanted a loose but still girly get-up for my first day of school.

I really love mullet skirts!

One of my favorite bags. Coach is love! Thank you so much, Nikko for spoiling me! <3

Photos by: Nikko Santos

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