Saturday, March 31, 2012

Children's Party

Today, I went to my cousin's son's 1st birthday party in Shakey's, Blue Wave. My cousin, Jerriel (the baby's dad) and I were really close when we were little and I still can't believe that he already has a one-year-old.

When I left the condo, it was raining really hard and so I wore a knitted top that I got from Hong Kong last December. This was my get-up:

Blouse - from Hong Kong; Pants - Forever 21; Shoes - Guess; Bag - Michael Kors

Happy 1st, Baby Jacob!

My Gutierrez family!

And that's Nikko, me and Manfred being amazed by the magician. LOL.

I'm going out again tonight for two birthday parties. Maybe, I'll post photos again tomorrow.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Metallic Camouflage Mary Janes

I wore this pair of shoes tonight when I went to a friend's (Jeff) house with Nikko to hang out and play NBA 2K12. This pretty pair is a random gift from my daddy and I love how it's so conservative and girly (because of the style), modern (because of the metallic colors), and boyish (because of the army print), all at the same time.

Shoes - Guess (gift from Daddy)

 Also, if you're wondering how our game went, here's the box score of my game with Jeff:

Hahaha. Worst game ever! I feel disheartened!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tali Beach

Last night's dinner was at Seafood Island, Araneta Center. We like going to Seafood Island not just because we love seafoods, but also because when we can't decide which food to mix and match, their boodle feasts would always be the solution.

We ordered the Tali Beach Boodle, which features grilled chicken, shrimp, liempo, squid, tilapia, tahong and crabs with grilled tomatoes, lato, watermelon, green mangoes and steamed rice. Since there were only four of us (Mommy, Manfred, Nikko and me), we just ordered the smaller version, the one that's good for 3 to 4 persons.

Of all the boodle feasts we've tried, this is the best in terms of presentation.

Look at those hanging shrimps!
When the feast was over, Nikko used up some of the untouched, thus clean banana leaves to make me a pair of earrings.

Haha! :)

Thank you, Nikko for my earrings! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anino Premiere Night

Last Monday, my friend, Camps invited me to watch the premiere of the movie, Anino. She acted in the movie and it was really exciting to see someone you know on the big screen. I had a great time, especially because I was with another friend, Marc, who I missed so much.

This is what I wore:

Blouse - I got from Lord & Taylor in the US;
Jeans - Forever 21;
Shoes - Rajo! for Parisian;
Bag - Prada

I love this blouse a lot because of the summer-y feel!
Incidentally, I saw my uncle and aunt that night. They're also watching the movie because their son (my cousin, Renzo) is also part of it.

With Tito Ronald and Tita Ayeen

That's my friend, Marc and Camps's Mom.

That's my friend, Camps with her paparazzi shot. Haha. 

Michelle Campana! :) We call her Camps for short. Haha.

Anino is a product of the Star Magic Workshops. It also stars Jake Cuenca, Yeng Constantino, Jodi Sta. Maria, among others.

That's my cousin, Renzo, with his paparazzi shot!

So proud of you, Camps and Renzo! More power! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Binibining Pilipinas 2012 Parade of Beauties

Last Sunday, the Binibining Pilipinas 2012 candidates had a parade in the Araneta Center. We live just across Ali Mall so we were able to witness the event that was happening right outside our doorstep.

Other than being excited, as a girly girl to see reigning  beauty queens and future ones, I was also out there to try out the features of my camera.

These are some photos I took:

I'm so proud of this photo. The reigning beauty queens!

Candidate No. 9, with our condo as her background.

I find Candidate No. 14 really pretty. Too bad, she was having problems with her headdress, I think.


Candidate No. 20 is from my school. I hope she wins!

Candidate No. 23's the first candidate to look at my camera and smile.

There goes Candidate No. 24!

And I missed this candidate's number.

I took photos of each candidate from number 7 to 30 but I only posted those whose shots were clear and/or pretty. I was still going down the building when Candidates No. 1-6 passed by. 

The next parade will be the Grand Santacruzan in May and I can't wait for it! Oh, the perks of living in the Araneta Center!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mom and Me

Last Saturday, my mom and dad attended a wedding and I helped my mom get ready for it. She's always very supportive in whatever I do and always makes sure I get the nicest clothes and stuff so I returned the favor and helped her prepare for the event. It's really cool that my mom is stylish and that we agree on almost all things that are fashion-related.

This is what she wore:

She had this dress made and I threw in some ideas. Haha.

My mom is the prettiest woman for me and I really want to look like her when I'm her age. 
My mom and dad before leaving for the wedding.
Since all my family members were out, I went out with Nikko to watch The Hunger Games. I was really too lazy to dress up so I settled for this get-up:

Top from Hong Kong;
Shorts from Lacoste;
Bag from Nine West;
Shoes made by Nikko


Sunday, March 25, 2012


I had an interesting day, yesterday. I had a photo shoot with a team of four photographers at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City. It was really fun and exciting because the photographers had different ideas and approaches.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from yesterday:

Also, while I was wearing, heavy make-up, I was randomly interviewed for Winnie Monsod's TV Show in GMANewsTV. They asked me stuff about concubinage, adultery and bigamy, which are familiar concepts because of my law studies. It was good I still remember the elements of each crime and so I had something to say, but I still feel that I'm really going to make a fool out of myself on national TV. Haha.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bunny Ears

Last night, we had a party/awards night for our Legal Forms class at the Skylounge of the Citadel Inn in Burgos, Makati. Hahaha. (Remember our movie poster?) The party was Playboy-themed and so the girls had to wear bunny ears. I volunteered to make the bunny ears and my mom helped me make all 23 pairs of them!

This is what I wore:

Corset from a department store
White Dress worn as skirt (feathery things added by my fabulous mom);
Black tutu skirt from Hot Topic
Black stockings from a department store
Bunny ears made by me and Mom

Those black and red curly ornaments were also made by my mom and me!
These are the photos from the event:

My It Must Have Been Love Girls, Kathy and Tors! <3

Having fun with Hannah Ang

My law school BFF, Kathy

Okay, this is me. New profile picture on fb! Haha.
Make-up by self; Eyeliner c/o Kathy.

3B Bunnies!

The boys decided to wear "Top Gun" inspired costumes. Haha.

With my girl, Maan! <3

The girls!

Hi, it's me again!

With my legforms group! The best group ever! Haha. We actually won best movie for our film, It Must Have Been Love. And our group got P3000 as prize! :)

My law school barkada. :)

I like this photo a lot. With Queen B Kaye and Fidei Telly!
 Thank you, Block B for the fun night!

Photos by: Mikee Tuason, R Lanete, and from my camera.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, School!

Hi! Today is the first day of my summer vacation and I am posting two photos of me in school. Hahaha. Not that I miss school already. Hahaha. I'm doing this because I'm sure that for the next two months, I wouldn't be able to post corporate outfit photos. 

Dress from a bazaar;
Bag from Nine West;
Shoes from Suki
Photos by Hannah Ang 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My SBFF Chick

Today is the last day of my final exams. Yahoo! I went out with my friend Camps for dinner to catch up on a lot of things.
Chili's, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell
Next time again, Dear! :)

P.S. It was also tonight that I found out how the "jungle" of Rockwell (where Good Earth, Pancake House, Gram's, Starbucks are) is going to be closed for good because of a building that will be put up there. :(