Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Borawan Island, Kwebang Lampas and Dampalitan Beach

Day 2 of our Padre Burgos, Quezon trip:

Our group went island-hopping last Sunday. We went to three different Quezon islands: Borawan Island, Kwebang Lampas, and Dampalitan Island. Each island was uniquely beautiful! So proud of these virgin beaches of Quezon.

Borawan Island had pretty rock formations. I think they named it Borawan 'cause of Boracay and Palawan. Haha.

Swimsuit from Cocomo Clothing

My love!

Puting Buhanging / Kwebang Lampas had crystal clear blue water, fine white sand and a cave.

Janna and Nikko

Nikko, Janna and Manfred

With my favorite cousin Vanica

Ate Ping, Vanica and Janna

Inside the cave


And finally, Dampalitan Beach was perfect for relaxation.
I like this photo even though it's overexposed. Haha.

Shades - Gucci

The gang again! COG!

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