Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tali Beach

Last night's dinner was at Seafood Island, Araneta Center. We like going to Seafood Island not just because we love seafoods, but also because when we can't decide which food to mix and match, their boodle feasts would always be the solution.

We ordered the Tali Beach Boodle, which features grilled chicken, shrimp, liempo, squid, tilapia, tahong and crabs with grilled tomatoes, lato, watermelon, green mangoes and steamed rice. Since there were only four of us (Mommy, Manfred, Nikko and me), we just ordered the smaller version, the one that's good for 3 to 4 persons.

Of all the boodle feasts we've tried, this is the best in terms of presentation.

Look at those hanging shrimps!
When the feast was over, Nikko used up some of the untouched, thus clean banana leaves to make me a pair of earrings.

Haha! :)

Thank you, Nikko for my earrings! :)

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