Saturday, March 31, 2012

Children's Party

Today, I went to my cousin's son's 1st birthday party in Shakey's, Blue Wave. My cousin, Jerriel (the baby's dad) and I were really close when we were little and I still can't believe that he already has a one-year-old.

When I left the condo, it was raining really hard and so I wore a knitted top that I got from Hong Kong last December. This was my get-up:

Blouse - from Hong Kong; Pants - Forever 21; Shoes - Guess; Bag - Michael Kors

Happy 1st, Baby Jacob!

My Gutierrez family!

And that's Nikko, me and Manfred being amazed by the magician. LOL.

I'm going out again tonight for two birthday parties. Maybe, I'll post photos again tomorrow.

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