Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bunny Ears

Last night, we had a party/awards night for our Legal Forms class at the Skylounge of the Citadel Inn in Burgos, Makati. Hahaha. (Remember our movie poster?) The party was Playboy-themed and so the girls had to wear bunny ears. I volunteered to make the bunny ears and my mom helped me make all 23 pairs of them!

This is what I wore:

Corset from a department store
White Dress worn as skirt (feathery things added by my fabulous mom);
Black tutu skirt from Hot Topic
Black stockings from a department store
Bunny ears made by me and Mom

Those black and red curly ornaments were also made by my mom and me!
These are the photos from the event:

My It Must Have Been Love Girls, Kathy and Tors! <3

Having fun with Hannah Ang

My law school BFF, Kathy

Okay, this is me. New profile picture on fb! Haha.
Make-up by self; Eyeliner c/o Kathy.

3B Bunnies!

The boys decided to wear "Top Gun" inspired costumes. Haha.

With my girl, Maan! <3

The girls!

Hi, it's me again!

With my legforms group! The best group ever! Haha. We actually won best movie for our film, It Must Have Been Love. And our group got P3000 as prize! :)

My law school barkada. :)

I like this photo a lot. With Queen B Kaye and Fidei Telly!
 Thank you, Block B for the fun night!

Photos by: Mikee Tuason, R Lanete, and from my camera.

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