Saturday, March 10, 2012

Buffet 101

Last Sunday, my family (mother's side) and I celebrated my cousin, Janelle's 8th birthday. We had a sumptuous buffet feast at Buffet 101, a restaurant in the Mall of Asia complex. 

This is what I wore:

Orange dress from Chase
Black Corset Belt from a bazaar
Skeleton Pumps from Pill

Buffet 101: The basics of buffet... and a whole lot more!

Buffet 101 boasts a wide variety of food in a luxurious setting. The experience was similar to the one I had in Vikings.

With the birthday girl and my parents

With Nikko.

And a random shot before getting in the car.

Photos by: Nikko and Manfred
I was too busy picking out food that's why I wasn't able to take photos of them. Haha. Maybe next time, I'll make a more detailed entry.

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