Monday, March 26, 2012

Mom and Me

Last Saturday, my mom and dad attended a wedding and I helped my mom get ready for it. She's always very supportive in whatever I do and always makes sure I get the nicest clothes and stuff so I returned the favor and helped her prepare for the event. It's really cool that my mom is stylish and that we agree on almost all things that are fashion-related.

This is what she wore:

She had this dress made and I threw in some ideas. Haha.

My mom is the prettiest woman for me and I really want to look like her when I'm her age. 
My mom and dad before leaving for the wedding.
Since all my family members were out, I went out with Nikko to watch The Hunger Games. I was really too lazy to dress up so I settled for this get-up:

Top from Hong Kong;
Shorts from Lacoste;
Bag from Nine West;
Shoes made by Nikko


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