Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something Corporate

Today, we had our last Legal Forms class. Our law professor wanted for us to take a class picture and so I wore my best business attire. To those of you who think fashion and law school don't really click, I suggest you visit the Ateneo Law School.

I like this photo a lot because looking at it makes me feel that I'm already a lawyer. Haha.

My dad, a lawyer, insisted that I should have this suit made, when he brought me with him to his tailor. The polo inside's also tailor-made and I specifically wanted it to be pink because of Elle Woods. The shoes are those Skeleton pumps I got last December.

Meet my block: Ateneo Law School's 3B

Of course, there will always be a wacky shot.

Some of my friends.

And my pretty best friend in law school, Kathy
Photos by: Mikee Tuason (my cool, talented, and one-of-a-kind blockmate and friend) 

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