Friday, April 20, 2012

That 55-year old Gown

 When I went to my paternal grandmother's last Holy Week, I found myself looking through her old gowns that she wore when she was my age. There were two meticulously-crafted dresses that caught my attention and I decided to play dress up using them. (She has a way of preserving them well and it's as if the dresses were new!)

She wore this dress when she had her piano recital, 55 years ago. Apparently, she was already pregnant with my dad when she wore this so it's really special to me.

It was really loose so I had to do this.

Isn't it lovely?

Good as new! :) Those butterfly sleeves were added but the original form of the dress, as worn by my grandma, is below.

My grandmother, Lola Fe, during her piano recital (1958)

Will be posting the other equally pretty gown next time.

First three photos by: Des Diamante

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