Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Party

I went to Citigolf, Ortigas with Nikko last night to celebrate three of my friends' (Paolo, Jan and Iza) birthday. This is what I wore:

Blouse (used to be my Mom's -- yeah, she's cool like that) from Sari-Sari; Shorts from a bazaar; Bag from Prada; Shoes made by the boyfriend

Had dinner at Dampa, Farmer's before going to the party.

One great news I learned on that night was that Paolo (one of the birthday celebrators, Nikko's HS classmate) already proposed to his long-term girlfriend (almost 11 years!), and my good friend, Eena! :)

That's me and Eena and Paolo! <3

With the girls! Ix, Arcee and Eena

And the other birthday celebrators: Iza and Jan, two of our closest friends

Photos by: Nikko and some friends.

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