Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

So, today is Good Friday and I participated in the procession. I woke up earlier than usual 'cause we were going to prepare for it. Every year, our family sets up the Black Nazarene statue and we would walk along with it.

Good Friday processions are really special to my family 'cause it's somewhat where my parents first saw each other. Even though my paternal and maternal great grandparents were close friends (my maternal great grandmother is even the godmother of my paternal grandmother!), my parents didn't really know each other 'cause they went to different schools. It was through one of those Good Friday processions in the same town where my dad first saw my mom and after that he courted her. 

It was a really sunny afternoon and it was perfect for my outfit photo shoot. This is what I wore:

Top - from Greenhills
Jeans - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Giorgio Armani

I love wearing sunglasses but the pair here is actually my brother's. I forgot to bring any of my shades here in Quezon.

Sandals - Banana Republic

Of course, there would always be a full/whole body shot.

So many photos that I like!


And yes, I had to take photos without the sunglasses.

Here's a photo of the procession:

The Black Nazarene

Photos by Janna

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