Wednesday, July 11, 2012

JD = Janna's Defense

So yesterday, I defended my thesis for law school. It was the first time I went through something like that and it really was an unforgettable experience. The defense lasted for an hour and there were three panelists asking me questions and commenting on my paper. It was very challenging and difficult and I'm really glad it's all over now. :)

I was just so happy when I heard from the Thesis Center that I had already been graded for my work. They actually liked my written output. Yay!

My girlfriends accompanied me to the thesis defense area. They were so supportive and I love them so much!

When it was over, I cried. I felt mixed emotions. My friends were still there, waiting for me. Also, Nikko showed up with a bouquet of flowers. My mom, who went to the chapel met up with us, too and treated us to dinner. I am just so blessed to have loving people around me.

Here are some photos:

Taken before my defense. Thank you, friends!

And after! Suit - made-to-order; Shoes - Sophisticat Shoes

I  cried!

With my girls. I love you! <3

And one more! Thank you, Loves!

Thank you so much, Nik! <3

My thesis and my bouquet of carnations. <3

Dinner at Chili's

With the best mom in the world! <3

and the best boyfriend in the world! :)

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