Thursday, July 19, 2012


So, today is my birthday and I am now 25 years old! I am so thankful to the Lord for everything that He has given me the last 25 years and I'm excited for whatever the next years will give me (I'm sure my following years will be great or even greater!).

I celebrated with my law school friends, my family and Nikko today. I went to school for a one-hour class and I was surprised by my friends and classmates with a shoe-shaped birthday card (which made me cry) and gifts. When I came home, Nikko was there waiting for me with my family and I opened his presents right away (loved them!). Then, my family went to Galileo Enoteca in Eastwood to have dinner.

I wore my Style Staple Camille two-tone dress, which I ordered from my high school batchmate and friend Arvie. I ordered some dresses just a few days before and told her I would be wearing one of them today for my birthday and she immediately shipped out the items. I got them yesterday and I'm so thankful to her 'cause they got to me on time. :) Call me shallow but for me, a good birthday is not complete without a nice outfit. Haha.   

Happy birthday to me!

Dress - Style Staple; Shoes - Sophisticat Shoes; Bag - Prada

The best block ever! Love you, 3B!

With my law school barkada!

Thanks, Maan and R for the gift! :)

These were waiting for me at my desk when I arrived in school today. I loved the Stefani Heelless inspired birthday card and I loved the messages inside! :)

Dinner with my family

Because we are foolish like that. Thanks, Manf for sharing my insanity!

Best parents ever! Love you, Dad and Mom!

And the best boyfriend, Nikko Love! <3

With one of my favorite uncles, Kuya Louie! :)
 And here are some photos from my last night (birthday eve salubong):
At Shakey's P. Tuazon with Nikko.

Me and my birthday sundae!

It was truly another special birthday. Best birthday ever! I know I say this every year but somewhat, my birthday just keeps getting even better and better every year.

Thank you to everyone who made me feel so loved! :)

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