Sunday, January 8, 2012

HK Ocean Park

The best part of the trip was our visit to Ocean Park. The different things one can do inside truly exceeded our expectations. 

I don't like doing this sign in pictures but I was compelled by the photographer. For some reason, I like this picture a lot so we purchased it.

Random shot by my boyfriend. I think we were discussing here whether or not to purchase the picture above.

This is what I wore: red blouse used to be my mom's (Yes, I know she's cool like that), black jeans I got from a department store, brown suede boots I got in Maryland, three years ago.

My family's so excited to see the pandas!

Awww!!! <3

With one of the mascots, firefox. :)

Here's what an actual firefox (or red panda) looks like. :)

You can take the cable car going to the other side of the park where most rides are.


The Flash -- This was pretty scary but super fun!

Look at those cute dolphins! <3

And those cute seals!!! <3

We just love taking pictures in front of Christmas trees. :)

Belated Merry Christmas! <3

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