Saturday, January 7, 2012

The happiest place on earth!

Day 2 of our HK trip was dedicated to Disneyland. It was actually my first time to be in a Disney Park so I was super excited.

Family picture!

In front of that inter-active Buzz Lightyear game/ride.

It's a Small World! My favorite! :)

Inside It's a Small World
My Disney princesses!!! <3 The parade actually made me cry. Yes, I'm shallow like that. 

This is in Toy Story Land. I look like a little toy, don't I? :))

At Autopia. I drove and Nikko was my passenger. :)

At Tarzan's Treehouse. :)

Sleeping Beauty's Castle! :)

Disneyland didn't disappoint me. :) Can't wait to see the other Disney parks!

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