Friday, September 2, 2011

I bought Magic Leverage curlformers from Ebay a few weeks ago and tried them for the fourth time today. Curlformers are tiny plastic mesh twirls, which allow one's hair to curl up without the use of heat. You just have to insert parts of your hair inside the curlformers with the help of a hook, leave them on, and remove them after some hours.
The seller says they're Curlformers but the box says Magic Leverage.

The boxes I bought each contained 9 long pieces and 9 short pieces.
The colors are assorted.

This is the hook which can be extended
 by connecting the two.

I used the long ones today and I spent around 12 minutes putting them on. Of course, I had to apply mousse first so the curls would stay.

After six hours, I finally took them off and was ready to go to school.

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