Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

It's my little brother, Manfred's birthday today! :) Nikko and I joined the "I'm Shoe in Love" bazaar at the NBC tent today (will post about it in the succeeding days) and so my family decided to celebrate Manfred's birthday in the Fort area.

Here are some photos:

Happy Birthday, Big little brother! <3 Thank you for the insane inside jokes! :)

With the family.

Nikko and Janna
 And of course, it was time for some outfit photos:

Top - Zara; Skirt - Bazaar; Shoes - Pab Der. This is also what I wore to the bazaar itself.

Necklace - Boracay

Bag - gift from my maternal grandma, Lola Nanay

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