Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Monday Night

My friend, Ginger celebrated her birthday with a Halloween party at their mansion in Alabang. I decided to go as Kathy Beth Terry or Katy Perry in her Last Friday Night music video not only because I like Katy Perry but also because almost everything she wore could be found in my closet.

My outfit comprises of an improvised top, custom-made skirt, plastic earrings and Paris Hilton shoes. Too bad I couldn't paint one of my shoes yellow.

Of course, my boyfriend had to match my outfit and so I told him to dress up as a nerd (Everett McDonald, Kathy Beth Terry's love interest in the same music video)
Kevin McHale as Everett McDonald

The birthday girl was Wonder Woman for the night. I really missed you, Gingerpie!

 Some more photos:

Hope everyone had an interesting Halloween! :)


  1. OMG Janna, akala ko si Coco Martin si Nikko dun sa third photo :))))

  2. I just saw this now! Hahaha! Winner comment! Miss you, Kei! :)