Thursday, February 16, 2012

It has been eight years since we first saw each other in a class soiree. We were both in our senior year in high school and we were both pounds lighter than we are today. When the soiree started, he was seated in front of me and he was smiling at me. I, being the conservative 16-year-old, merely giggled and smiled back, not really being sure if I were the one he was looking at.

We didn’t talk the entire night though. Nikko has always been the life of any party and has always been really funny. Yes, he was cracking jokes and laughing but that night, he didn’t talk to me directly.  Even when the group decided to play “funny bones” and by fate, Nikko and I became partners, still he didn’t talk to me. He was just there with his boyish smile. And I continued to smile back, ‘cause I never felt something like that before.

But the next day, on Valentine’s Day, he initiated a chat with me, texted me and then asked if he could call me up. Of course, that was when I confirmed that I was the one he was looking at the night before. We talked for just a few minutes because I was still shy. Haha. But then he asked if he could call me again. From then on, he kept calling me every night. That was the start of the 8-year-old romance that we have today and the origin of the 2-day celebration.

This year’s 2-day celebration was held at Il Piccino Trattoria, a nice little Italian restaurant in San Juan. The place was actually built in the 1920’s and is the ancestral home of the chef’s family. Dinner, even during ordinary days, is by reservation only. Every course was really delightful and the service was superb. Thank you, Nikko for the lovely dinner and the pretty carnations! More importantly, thank you for making me smile everyday! You always make me feel beautiful and super loved!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! <3

Dinner was fantastic!

At Il Piccino Trattoria

Candle-lit! <3

Homemade Foccacia Bread, Grissini, Garlic Confit, Balsamico, Olio d'oliva, Freshly Grate Parmigiano 

Risotto ai Funghi Shiitake con Olio di Tartufo

Blue Cheese and Pear Ravioli with Asparagus Sauce

Homemade Philippine Calamansi Granita

Pan-seared Mahi Mahi with Orange Salad, Pesto Arugula and Lemon Vinaigrette

Pork Chop with Rustic Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Vegetables, Dijon Cream Sauce and Peppercorn Sauce

Spicy Belgian Hot Cioccolata Sorpresa con Struffoli Napolitano

Hand-crafted Artisanal Pralines by RISA Chocolatier: Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel, Tiramisu, Crispy Hazelnut

My pretty carnations!
Also, Valentine's Day is not only for lovers. I got this message from my Mommy. It was posted on a board in Powerplant Mall. My dad gave me a present, too. Love you, Mommy, Daddy and Manf! Mommy, hope you liked the tulip I gave you. And to my dad and brother, I hope you liked the red velvet cupcakes I gave you! :)
I love my Mommy!

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