Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Last Saturday was a very fun night for me 'cause I had two Christmas parties to attend. First was with my Jeyz Family (my boyfriend's high school classmates and their girls, who became my closest friends also) in Ascott and the second was with my law school blockmates in Urdaneta Village. I wore a blouse and a pair of shorts, which were gifts from my uncle and aunt, who visited Hong Kong. I had to wear a hat during my law school party because they were going for a beach theme. Good thing the hat that Nikko got me during our Taal Volcano trip matched my outfit.

Blouse from Hong Kong (gift from my Kuya Totoy and Ate Gina); Shoes by Pill; Hat  from Taal Volcano (gift from Nikko)

La Famiglia Jeyz
These are my JGirls, who I've been hanging out with since 2004.
Merry Christmas, Love! <3

With the coolest block ever!!!

With two of my best friends in the law school: Kathy and Hannah

That's me singing Halik by Aegis.

Merry Christmas, everyone! <3 Don't forget that the point of this season is to celebrate Jesus' birthday!

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