Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today, I went out to Shoppesville and Virra Mall, Greenhills with my parents to go shopping (I got a new pair of sandals from Pab Der! Thanks, Daddy!). I wore an old sleeveless shirt, some colorful harem pants I got from Hong Kong, my orange BCBG bag, a turquoise choker necklace from Girl Shoppe, some bangles, and my blue VNC wedges that I got in Malaysia.

Blouse - Shoppesville; Pants - Hong Kong; Bag - BCBG; Shoes - VNC Malaysia; Necklace - Girl Shoppe;

The background matches my pants! Haha. :)

Necklace from Girl Shoppe.

Bag from BCBG Girls; Some bangles

I love rosettes on clothes and accessories! I also love satin 'cause it's elegant.

Shoes - VNC Malaysia; Perfect for summer!

My shoes are open-toed by the way, just in case you were wondering. 
Photos by: Mommy and Manfred Robles

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